And Mummy wonders why I'm such a flip-out-semi-mood-swinger. She is the mother of all teachers. I will agree with her, she doesn't get cross that very often where as I get very, very cross often. Perhaps too often, even I'm getting bored of myself in the mornings and my poor little sister looks really fed up with the goings on.

But when Mummy and Daddy say "NO" I flip out. Simple. But when I say "NO" I can see that she also wants to flip out. She doesn't though but I know I have poked her and annoyed her. I just can't help it, I love a reaction.

I rang Mummy at work today, I think Grandpa might have suggested I did. I wanted to ask Mummy if I could play with her make-up. I could see both Granny and Grandpa wavering and thinking, "why not". I called Mum, spittle and mumble in the mouth piece so she couldn't really hear me in the hope she would say "Yes of course sweetie-pie". Only she didn't. Damp. Is that rude? I thought it was Damn but I've been told to say 'damp'. Doesn't seem quite right though.


by matilda

I knew it. I gave in too easily. Mummy thought she had cracked it. She hasn't. I'm not that easy. In fact I am apparently quite difficult so I have to continue this trait. So today I did absolutely no pees on the loo but plenty on the floor. The downside is that I did not get any chocolate.

Last night I spent the first night in a big bed. I liked it a lot. The best bit was that I could wonder freely around the room touching all the things that belong to Evie while she was fast asleep. I was too excited to sleep. I stayed up till 8.30 doing puzzles and drawings at Evie's desk. I even tried to put a pair of knickers on her while she slept. Sometimes she can be quite undignified.

Mummy took us in to town today. She bought me my very own pack of knickers. Yes, she is persistent but I was happy not to have seconds for a change. Evie was bought a pack of vests which we fought over and tore. Mummy wasn't happy about that at all.

Today Evie had her friend Ruby to play. I never have a friend over so I pretended Ruby was my friend. It was going quite well until I hit her with my wooden ladybird thing. Mummy then decided that perhaps I should go to bed. I didn't resist. I didn't even drink my beaker of goats milk. I just slept and dreamt of marrying Knox Leon. Anything is possible these days - apparently.


by matilda

I finally gave in. I actually peed on the loo. For months Mummy has been chasing me around the house with this horrible duck shaped potty with a squeaky nose and bribing me with 'A' smartie (not even 2 smarties) if I manage to sit and pee. She's also tried the potty training 'technique' of squeezing me into a washable nappies that are too small and hurt me and she has also been lying by saying that there are no more nappies in the house. All this effort just to stop me peeing in my nappy which is something I have done since birth. I just don't get it. But I kind of did get it today. Mum suggested I went to the upstairs loo and bish-diddly-bosh, I peed. It was easy. I like it and I liked the chocolate reward and I actually rather liked not having to walk around with a baggy, damp nappy. I'm not sure if I'll do it tomorrow. I'll see how I feel in the morning.



I'm going to change my diary tomorrow. It needs up dating like my wardrobe. For a start I am now 4 not 3. And my little sister 2 not 1. I am called Evie and my little sister is called Matilda. I am going to now let her do some diary keeping as I am clearly, very, very bad at it.
This picture of me was taken at Stiffkey campsite on Friday. I love camping so much that as predicted by Mummy, I cried big salty sad tears for ages and ages when we had to leave. Matilda did not cry. In fact, she got herself in her car seat at least 30 minutes before we were ready to leave and just sat there singing happily to herself. I made two best friends in Stiffkey, Alice who is 6 and lives in Norwich and Maddy who is 7 and lives in Wiltshire. Both Maddy and Alice have very nice older bothers. I liked playing with them too. I went swimming twice with daddy when we were camping. I love swimming with daddy and I wore my wetting suit which kept me very warm and wet. Matilda does not like swimming. Matilda does not even like getting her hair wet. Oh the trauma of hair wash days....


My mouth is covered with sores. So is my nose. And earlier this week I had spots on my tongue. I also have a camel cough (like from cigarettes, not humped animals) and I also had my MMR booster in both my arms. I didn’t cry or scream or yell. I was very, very brave. Mummy has been pinching me every day for the last week to toughen me up. She said having injections was really exciting and would only feel like this…"ouch". I don’t know where she got the idea that having injections was exciting. It really wasn’t. Even the stickers the nurse gave me didn’t really excite me but the mini smarties in Mummy’s bag did and also the fact that Daddy came too. My little sister also had an injection in her thigh but most of it seemed to go on Mummy’s jeans which means her jeans will never get meningitis C.


i'm a good girl

It's now February. I'm nearly going to be 4 and my blogging is poor. Hey that rhymes. Have I ever told you about the rhyming game I play with Mummy and Daddy. They say words like 'hat' and I would say 'mat bat fat cat chat wat...' They say "no, you can say, 'wat', is not a word." "Oh", I would say. And they would say, "oh, no, flow, toe, wow, snow, low". ect. etc. But we don't play this game so much anymore. Mummy and Daddy use to get the giggles when we played the game with certain words like 'tanker and flanker' and 'luck and muck'. I don't get the joke. I do still play the game on my own sometimes and can't wait to play it with my little sister who mimics nearly everything I say. She's not so little now and she hits me a lot. Yesterday she bit me. It really hurt. Mummy asks her is she'd like to sit outside in the cold when she's being naughty. Of course she always says "NO". So Mummy gives her a few warnings and if she's still being naughty, she gets put out on the decking next to the trampoline. She then cries and says "sorry" followed by a little tiny weany kick or poke with her finger. She use to sit on the naughty step but she laughed so much when she was put there that it was rather pointless.


happy new 'ears

Since I last wrote, I have grown at least an inch. Or at least my hair has. Father Christmas has also snuck into our bedroom through the sky light and left a lovely pile of presents. We are also now in another year - what ever that means. I loved Christmas and me and my little sister were very lucky and got some really good gifts which we fight over daily. My little sister was given a mini trampoline. I am much better at jumping on it than she is and I can do some really clever bounces which really annoys my little sister. She just screams at me... again. She still screams a lot but I am very pleased she doesn't scream quite as much in the night as she did before Christmas. In the mornings, Mummy and Daddy always ask me if I slept well. I always used to say, "no, because my little sister kept screaming'. Only they don't hear her as they wear glossy silicone ear plugs while they sleep. I wish Father Christmas had left a pair in my stocking. I must remember to write and ask him to bring me some for next year - if I am a good girl which of course I will be.